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Traffic Marshal/Banksman

Attend training to become a Traffic Marshal/Banksman. Work in any area and help with traffic management all over the UK!

Qualification: Traffic Banksman Training Certificate of Attendance

Course Duration: Learn at your own pace

Course Time: 45 Minutes +

Course Price: £75

Venue: Online

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Course Info

Online Rundown

What we do for the day

Videos are used to run you through the course material. They will ensure that you understand relevant safety procedures and hand signals for traffic control

This Course provides you with an official Traffic Marshal/Banksman certificate along with a Photo ID Card. You will learn all relevant hand signals/gestures along with control strategies to ensure you are trained and authorised.

Pass Requirements

What you need to pass

Practical Assessment Pass:

Demonstrate relevant knowledge to control a vehicle

Online Multiple Choice Exam:

15 Question

Entry Requirements

What you need to participate in the class

Learners must be 18+

Learners must have Valid ID

Learners must be able to speak Level 1 English

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