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First Aid Training

Attend First Aid training to gain the skills to overcome potentially life threatening situations.

Qualification: Emergency First Aid at Work

Course Duration: 1 Day

Course Time: 6 hrs

Course Price: £75

Venue: Plaistow, London

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Course Info

Class Rundown

What we do for the day

In class, our medically qualified trainer will run you through first aid requirements using proven teaching techniques to ensure you are competent and capable to administrate first aid treatment

This Course provides you required First Aid training to ensure that you can prevent life threatening situations, while providing you with the ability to mitigate any health issues in the short-term when waiting for medical professionals to arrive on scene

Pass Requirements

What you need to pass

Demonstrate relevant knowledge and skills throughout the day through observation and questioning from the trainer

Entry Requirements

What you need to participate in the class

Learners must be 16+

Learners must have Valid ID

Learners must be able to speak Level 1 English

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